Treat A Stranger Right

New Album Feb 7, 2020

The new album is WONDERFUL!!!  I received it yesterday and glad it's not vinyl because it would be worn out already. 


You asked for my favorite song on the album. I don't know...loved them all. I do believe you nailed it...and your recording engineer really did a great job too. It sounds live but nothing overpowers, especially just the right amount of bass.


Please keep recording for the rest of us who dream of playing like you two.  

- John Spain, Fort Smith AR





Frank's screenprinted


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Thousands of music lovers  around the world have found their new favorite t-shirts right here! 

Frank prints t-shirts by hand using a no-tech process called screen printing. 

He printed his first design in 1987, selling the shirts at festivals and shows as a solo artist, in duo acts, and with The Freight Hoppers. 


When Allie joined forces with him in 2016, she added women's shirts to the inventory so that more body types could rock these cool designs.

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Frank & Allie's

Musical Process


They listen to a lot of old American music recorded in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, choosing great songs by great artists they love.

They learn, arrange, and record their favorite songs. 


You can enjoy the reinterpreted songs through their albums, videos, live shows, and workshops.

Premium Quality

Frank & Allie's recorded


Frank & Allie's discography includes albums by Frank, The Freight Hoppers, The Whipstitch Sallies, and Frank & Allie. CDs, downloads, and streaming are available, depending on the album.

Their newest album together - and the first since their marriage - is Treat A Stranger Right.

Treat A Stranger Right


Roll On,



Frank & Allie Lee are husband-and-wife folk musicians who met when their bands were booked at the same festival in 2012.

Our Story


Allie's band The Whipstitch Sallies and Frank's band The Freight Hoppers were at the same festival in 2012 and again in 2013. Allie is on stage, and Frank is standing to the right.

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For duo shows, Allie plays a 1900s Washburn guitar that a family friend found in their friend's attic. Frank plays a variety of banjos, but the one in this picture is for playing around the house only - its friction tuners make it impractical for performances.

Since starting to perform rural Southern music together in 2016, the feedback we have heard most often from folks across the country is that watching our show makes them happy.

We feel happy when we sing in harmony

and share our music. Passing on that joy to our listeners is why we perform. When we drive home from a gig, we reflect on the happy faces in the crowd. If we made you happy, then we feel that the show was worthwhile.


We perform regularly as a duo and also with our two other projects. Several times a year, we play festivals with our old time band The Freight Hoppers which Frank founded in 1993, now featuring Amanda Kowalski on bass and David Bass on fiddle. Our newer project is another four-piece band called The Smoky Mountaineers with fiddler Frank Bronson and bassist Bradley Adams.


Living in beautiful Bryson City, North Carolina near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

with our daughter and rescued kitties, 

we are known for singing old songs,

playing the banjo, building community through teaching music, and

making screen-printed t-shirts, which are available in our store and on Etsy.

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Official Showcase Artists 2019

#18 on Folk Chart for March 2019

Can we send you three songs from Treat A Stranger right?

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I've been a fan of The Freight Hoppers right from the beginning,

but what I love about your duo work is

the sparseness and the room

to hear every note

and that you both are such a great compliment to each other musically.

- Philomena Carroll, Australia