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 Their approach to performance is

not pretentious or showy, but rather, is a very high level

of instrumental and vocal proficiency.

A live performance with Frank and Allie Lee

will make you feel like you are in their living room

enjoying a good visit

with a bonus of great music! 

Ernie Hill

Musician and writer for the John Hartford Memorial Festival and the Walnut Valley Festival

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Frank & Allie Lee

PO Box 175

Bryson City, NC 28713


Booking Inquiries for Frank  & Allie, The Freight Hoppers, and The Smoky Mountaineers


Banjo Fiddle Frolic:

Frank and Allie Lee are vocal-driven old time and folk music performers based in Bryson City, North Carolina. Live music to make you happy with banjos, guitars, fiddle, harmonica, and singing. Performing throughout the United States and in Canada. Core duo of popular string band The Freight Hoppers. Makers of screen printed t-shirts, hosts of the Banjo-Fiddle Frolic, DIYers, parents, and cat lovers.

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