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Curated by instructors at the fall 2019 Banjo-Fiddle Frolic, an old time music camp in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

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Need some new tunes to learn for festival season?

This list of GREAT TUNES FOR BEGINNING OLD TIME JAMMING was compiled by the following old time musicians for participants at the 2019 Banjo-Fiddle Fall Frolic:

Earl White (fiddle; VA)

Mac & Jenny Traynham (banjo, guitar, fiddle, singing; VA)

Jim Nelson & Dedo Norris (guitar & fiddle; MO)

Jim Collier (fiddle, NC)

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Instructors Mac Traynham and Frank Lee lead a banjo discussion and demonstration at the 2019 Banjo-Fiddle Fall Frolic.

Whether you've played all your life or are just starting out...


Participants at the 2019 Banjo-Fiddle Fall Frolic work out a tune in the Guided Jam.

Whether you jam every week or play by yourself...

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Earl White coaches a participant during the Beginning Fiddling workshop at the 2019 Banjo-Fiddle Fall Frolic.

Ya Gotta Have Tunes!

Several different friends said, "You'd really like it". They were spot on right!"

It's perfectly put together and managed!!! Now my favorite type of camp!

Overall instruction couldn't have been better! I got everything I could handle and more. Every one of the instructors exceeded my expectations. This was a great opportunity!

You all organized the Frolic in a way that seemed much better where there were some musicians in charge of some food business but everyone was welcomed to contribute. That helped create a much more integrated experience! The food was wonderful and abundant.

- Henry

Banjo-Fiddle Fall Frolic  2019 participant

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This list of 54 tunes gives you

- the tune's name 

- the key it is typically played in

- which instructor recommend it

- a sound file link to listen to a source recording


Frank (left), Allie (right), and Sean Ellsworth-Hoffman (center, from Indiana) at the spring 2019 Banjo-Fiddle Frolic.

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