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Have you ever wanted to play the harmonica? There are so many reasons to start!

1. Super portable

2. No cords or cables

3. Affordable

4. Always in tune

5. No strings to change

6. Learn principles of music

7. Can play alone or with others

8. A musical way to hyperventilate

9. No but really though, rhythmic breathing is good for your stress levels and immune system. :-)

10. Making music is a fun distraction from real life! 

Join me, Allie Lee, for a crash course in beginning straight harmonica!

You will need:

  1. A “C” harmonica

  2. The ability to NOT wear chapstick, lip gloss, or lipstick when you play!

  3. Internet access

  4. Email account

  5. Access to Zoom

  6. Enjoyment of common American folk songs

  7. A can-do attitude!

About Allie

I began playing harmonica in 2011 with my band The Whipstitch Sallies when our lead player was unable to work with us one summer. Out of necessity, I picked up harmonica so that the bass player and I could create more musical texture in our songs. A former 7th grade Language Arts Teacher, I've taught private guitar and banjo lessons, workshops, and camps. I'm also a Wernick Method instructor, trained in teaching folks how to play in bluegrass jams. Since 2016, I've been playing harmonica (as well as guitar, banjo, and singing) with my husband Frank in our duo Frank & Allie Lee and our band The Freight Hoppers.

The course will focus on playing in first position, although I'm playing in second position in this video. 

About This COURSE

This course was created in April 2020 because

1. someone on Facebook asked for it

2. we were in lockdown due to COVID-19 and couldn't travel/work as usual

3. I had time to plan and teach it due to #2

4. I had never taught an online workshop series before! I saw this as a good opportunity to learn how to teach virtually!


At the end of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Hold the harmonica to play acoustically (without a mic).

  2. Backup a lead player or singer by playing 1, 4, and 5 chords in rhythm (I, IV, V).

  3. Play single notes by blowing and drawing on every hole.

  4. Play “C” and “G” arpeggios.

  5. Play an ascending and descending C scale.

  6. Play simple melodies using single notes.

  7. Play folk songs by playing chords (when someone is playing lead or singing) and by playing the lead when it’s your turn.

  8. Gain the skills to arrange and perform a folk song of your choice!


We will meet on Zoom on Mondays at 8:30pm EST beginning Feb. 8.

In the first meeting, we will introduce ourselves and learn some basic harmonica techniques.

We will also learn how to navigate the course website.

Then, I will give you access to Lesson 1.

You will work on Lesson 1 at your own pace throughout the week.

When we meet the next Monday, we will discuss Lesson 1, demonstrate our learning, and ask questions.

This pattern of studying the lesson on your own and then meeting to discuss will continue until the last meeting on March 22 to discuss Lesson 7.

I will record all the Zoom meetings and make them available for those who can't attend.

I am also available by email if you are unable to attend the Zoom meetings or have pressing questions during the week.


The course costs $160.

This includes 7 lessons, 8 group Zoom meetings, and access to me via email.

Learning is more fun with a friend.

So I'm offering you $20 off by referring a friend - and your friend will get $20 off, too!


Allie Lee is a fabulous teacher.  I took her introductory harmonica class online and was very impressed with her thoughtfully prepared lessons and materials, as well as her skillful and flexible facilitation.  I learned a ton and also had fun.  I highly recommend her courses!

-Colin Field

I took Allie's Beginning Harmonica Course this spring and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Allie's course material and videos were extremely helpful, and the ability to

go over the material at your own pace was just what I needed. Allie is a great

teacher and really enjoyed the course... highly recommend.

- Bill Woods

I recently completed a beginner harmonica course with Allie and loved her approach. She provided instructional material in several formats for each lesson, so i could ask questions directly during the live sessions, read through the explanation or theory behind the lesson, and as well review a video tutorial related to the specific skill we were working on. It wouldn't matter what approach to learning works best for you-she covered them all! Another thing I think worth mentioning is that her warm, supportive and relaxed approach to each class removed any sense of intimidation that I might have had. She was able to cater to a mix of abilities within the group so everyone had an opportunity to grow.  I came out of it with a solid basic understanding and the ability to play along with and even figure out simple tunes. And...it was fun!

-Ellen Torop


I hope you'll grab your harmonica and join me for a fun and musical 8 weeks!

- Allie

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