Live at Brashler Barn

Frank Lee & Allie burbrink


"The two artists command a wide range of instruments between them, as well as both being able to sing, and they use this range of musical resources well to turn in a varied and interesting set. As well as old-time tunes ("Elkhorn Ridge", "Sandy Boys") we have blues ("Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning"), a bluegrass standard ("Standing On A Mountain") and a Stephen Stills number ("Sing to the Fallen Eagle" from his album Manassas).


Despite this wide range of material the album has a coherent feel to it as the pair tackle the numbers in their own particular style. Take "Standing On A Mountain" for instance. In its commonest manifestation this is a bluegrass belter full of high harmonies and fast instrumental breaks, but take all that away and what you’re left with is a folk song about the sorrow of lost love and this is how it is played. As an opener it works well, a bouncy banjo and guitar duet, showing of the each player’s strongest suit instrumentally complete with close harmonies throughout.


Someone is clearly a Blind Willie Johnson fan, since there are three of his songs. One of these, "Can’t Nobody Hide from God", is one of the highlights for me, with Allie showing that she can produce a fine, bluesy tone in her voice as well as the sweeter tones she employs on other tracks. The only tracks which you would describe as old time are "Sandy Boys" and "Elkhorn Ridge", both done as banjo duets, so this will not be the CD for diehard old time fans. However for anyone whose taste runs across a wider range of American styles, this CD can be recommended as a very enjoyable listen."

- Steve Wise (Old Time News)