Treat A Stranger Right

New album from Frank & Allie Lee
Coming February 7, 2020

"All of us down here are strangers.

Everybody ought to treat a stranger right, a long way from home."

- Blind Willie Johnson

Treat A Stranger Right

Frank & Allie are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their second full-length album!

"Treat A Stranger Right" features 13 songs from an assortment of country & blues early recording artists, carefully chosen, learned, and interpreted by Frank & Allie. A variety of instruments awaits you. You will hear Frank's 1920s Gibson guitar, his 1932 National Duolian Resonator guitar, his 1936 Carson Robison branded guitar made by Gibson, and Allie's unmarked old guitar that was a gift from a family friend. Banjos on the album include builds by Chuck Lee, Dean Robinson, Jeff Delfield fretless, Jeff Delfield fretted, and Pisgah Banjos as well as Frank's signature nylon string fretless. Allie's harmonica makes an appearance as well, plus Frank playing his friend John White's heirloom fiddle. Grounding many of the songs, there is upright bass supplied by recording engineer Bruce Lang.

Songs include

"Everybody Ought To Treat A Stranger Right" - Blind Willie Johnson

"You Are My Flower" - Carter Family

"Darlin' Corey" - B. F. Shelton

"When I Was A Cowboy" - Leadbelly

"The Sailor and the Soldier" - Mike Seeger

"Frankie" - Dykes Magic City Trio and Morgan Sexton

"White Top Mountain" - Coon Creek Girls

"Lost John" - Burnett & Rutherford

...and more!

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You will also receive a signed physical CD in the mail shortly after the release date, which is February 7.

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With a cast of characters from crooks to cowboys and farmers to hobos, Frank and Allie's album Treat A Stranger Right is a story about humankindness. 

Under all the broken promises, unmet expectations, murderous impulses, and rugged individualism of each song is

the need for connection and kindness.

That we never know what someone else is really going through.

That we're all in this together.

That things work out better for us when we see each other

as fellow strangers on the journey

rather than an "other" to be feared or fought against.

The songs, learned from American folk musicians in the early days of the recording industry, span a range of styles. There's Frank's signature clawhammer banjo sound on steel string and nylon string banjos. There are slide guitar and harmonica blues pieces. There's Maybelle Carter-inspired country guitar. There's cross-tuned old time fiddling a la Fiddlin' John Carson.

And Frank & Allie's voices in harmony tying it all together.

While the songs are old, the message is for all of us today:

Everybody ought to treat a stranger right.


Recorded and mixed at Big Creek Music in Barnardsville with engineer Bruce Lang from July-October 2019.

Mastered by Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN.