Frank & Allie Lee

(Feb 7, 2020)

Treat A Stranger Right by Frank & Allie Lee was #1 on the NACC National Folk Radio chart for January 2020, and 6 of the top 25 songs that month were from this album. It was also in the top 6 albums for the weeks from January 29-Feb 19 and featured on Folk Alley's playlist for February 17.

About the Songs

With a cast of characters from crooks to cowboys and farmers to hobos, Frank and Allie's new album Treat A Stranger Right is a story about humankindness.

Under all the broken promises, unmet expectations, murderous impulses, and rugged individualism of each song is the need for connection.
That we never know what someone else is really going through.
That we're all in this together.
That things work out better for us when we see each other as fellow strangers on the journey, rather than an "other" to be feared or fought against.

The songs, learned from American folk musicians in the early days of the recording industry, span a range of styles. There's Frank's signature clawhammer banjo sound on steel string and nylon string banjos. There are slide guitar and harmonica blues pieces. There's Maybelle Carter-inspired country guitar. There's cross-tuned old time fiddling a la Fiddlin' John Carson.
And Frank & Allie's voices in harmony tying it all together.

While the songs are old, the message is for all of us today:
Everybody ought to treat a stranger right.

About the Music

Treat A Stranger Right features twelve songs from an assortment of country & blues early recording artists, carefully chosen, learned, and interpreted by Frank & Allie Lee. Both Frank and Allie sing, play guitar, and play banjo. Frank also plays fiddle, and Allie also plays harmonica.

A variety of instruments awaits you.
* Frank's 1920's Gibson guitar
* Frank's 1932 National Duolian resonator guitar
* Frank's 1936 Carson Robison-branded guitar made by Gibson
* Allie's 1900's Washburn guitar that was a gift from a family friend
* Chuck Lee open-back banjo
* Dean Robinson open-back banjo
* Jeff Delfield fretless banjo
* Jeff Delfield fretted banjo
* Pisgah Banjos open-back banjo
* Frank's signature Polo nylon string fretless banjo
* harmonica by Allie
* fiddle by Frank
* upright bass by Bruce Lang

Place your order here today, and you will receive digital downloads and liner notes immediately. Frank & Allie will also mail your cd to you with a personal note.

Praise for Treat A Stranger Right

"Love that Western Carolina sound. Beautiful harmonies! I'm so happy to see REAL folk music getting some recognition." 

- Ken Nagelberg, DJ

"Love it. The harmonica slays!" 

- Anonymous first time listener

"You sold me with the title! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. My heart needs things like this." 

- Anonymous first time listener

"The new album is WONDERFUL!!! I received it yesterday and glad it's not vinyl because it would be worn out already =) ...and thanks for signing and sending with the personal note. That makes it extra special and a lot of extra work if you did that for the tens of thousands you must have sold already. (OK...wishful thinking but folks really need to buy this rather than stream.) I find CD's to be more convenient actually and much more likely to be played more than streaming but I suppose it's the new way.


My favorite song on the album is nearly impossible to narrow down but I sort of lean to "When I was a Cowboy"...or maybe "The Sailor and the Soldier" (Have never heard that one!) ....or maybe "Frankie" for the banjo virtuosity behind the great voice. I don't know...loved them all. I do believe you nailed it...and your recording engineer really did a great job too. It sounds live but nothing overpowers, especially just the right amount of bass. Thank you and please keep recording for the rest of us who dream of playing like you two."

 - John Spain, fan

Recorded and mixed at Big Creek Music in Barnardsville, NC with engineer Bruce Lang from July-October 2019.

Mastered by Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN.

Design by David Lynch.

Photography by Terri Clark.

"Lost John" Music video directed by Ty Gilpin of Crossroads Label Group and filmed by Bob Peck of Mountainwater Films.

Actors in "Lost John" video are our neighbor Darren Wallace and our daughter Willow Lee.

(c) 2019 Bake Tone Records

A word from the artists

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- Frank & Allie