the freight hoppers


“There are two ways to deal with the traditions and history of music. Some bands try to copy the old 78s lick for lick, and take the old music as seriously as a Schubert quintet. But a few bands — a very few — make that wild charge down the hill, and respond to the past with aggression, passion, excitement and joy. The best of these bands is a remarkable group from North Carolina, the Freight Hoppers.” –Charles Wolfe, from the liner notes


'I first saw the Freight Hoppers playing on a street corner during the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and I became an immediate fan. Besides their raw energy and respect for the Long Line of Tradition they follow, they are just real entertaining and satisfying. Ain’t that what good music is all about?!!'"

–Peter Wolf (Rounder Records' website)

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