Frank & Allie Lee

(released 2019)

On September 21, 2019, Frank and Allie played a fun show for a room of about 50 people in Chicago. The audience members were financial supporters of a folk music program called FolkStage that is produced by Rich Warren, a highly regarded folk DJ.

As per the show's format, Frank & Allie played a short set that was recorded but not broadcast on the air. Then there was a short intermission. The next set, an hour long, was recorded as well as broadcast live on FolkStage's parent station, WFMT. 

If you enjoy live music in an intimate format, you'll love these recordings! The energy of the room is evident in the performances.

"Tonight, I'm pleased to return to traditional music - the best kind of traditional music - from North Carolina. Two artists who treasure the music, respect the music. They were here for our Fox Valley Folk Preview Concert a year ago, and I was charmed by the wide repertoire of traditional music so well performed."  - Rich Warren

Engineer: Eric Arunas

Host/producer: Rich Warren


Frank & Allie Lee on WFMT FolkStage (Sampler) is only available at

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Frank and Allie Lee are vocal-driven old time and folk music performers in Bryson City, NC. Live music duets with banjo, guitar, fiddle, harmonica, and singing in North Carolina and throughout the United States. Core duo of popular string band The Freight Hoppers. 

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